Good Wireless N Networking on the cheap- the Netgear WNR834B



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Good because,

1- Runs DDWRT

2- The hardware appears to be good quality

I have had one for a month now... and in the stock setup it is just an OK router. My truck parks 100ft behind my house, and this router would see my truck's wireless N pci card, but it would not connect.

Add DDWRT, configure specific settings, and it now connects at over 60% strength and is rock solid.

Simple Steps-

* Buy a Netgear WNR834B, v2. (i think the v1 works the same but im not sure on that) $35 shipped on ebay, or anywhere else for not much more. I bought mine as a refurb from newegg for $23 shipped (lucky!)

* Download DDWRT (you're going to want the dd-wrt.v24_std-wnr834bv2.chk file.) and Install as follows-

-Hard reset the router to factory defaults
-Use the router's built-in GUI to flash the new firmware file
-Once the update is compete, turn the router off then back on to make sure it works. Finally, hard reset the router again to make sure its on default settings for the new firmware.

Use in your web browser to log into the DDWRT GUI. The default name and password is root/admin

* Configure these settings along with all your normal setup stuff

RX ANT = Left
TX ANT = Right
TX POW = 35mw

What you will end up with is a high performance wireless N router for little money. Use it as an access point, or whatever else. I thought this might be a nice quick guide for anyone looking to get wireless N setup for cheap and easy. It's really a painless procedure, and I know there a lot of people out there looking to stream HD videos around their home- and this will do it.
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Drat! I have the WPN824 V2. Picked it up at a yard sale for $5. Not supported.


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haha, well, for $5 its not a bad router. i have one myself, but dont use it... i think i need to sell it for $5 :)