Good Video Editing Card???



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I recently purchased an ATI all in wonder for use in video editing and output. The video was great but the only problem was that there was no sound output. Is there any recomendation for a good card for video and audio output? I'm looking for something to output onto VHS from previously inputed video streams. Is there anything I could find for under $300?


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Sound from a video card?! That doesn't sound right...

How about a sound card?

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Dude you needed to the the Matrox G400-TV - it comes with a connector box that plugs into the video card and all the sound, video, everything goes in through there. Plus being Matrox the quality is far superior to everything else, and you get really good software too.
Not totally sure if you'll find it for much less than $300 though....


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The All-in Wonder has a pass-thru to your sound card - the video i/o goes to the ATI, the sound i/o goes to the sound card. You don't need anything else. For VHS, you won't gain anything by going to the Matrox (provided you are running 450mhz or better). Once you get bit, you'll go to DV - it's the bomb!