Good site to buy Alphas?



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Hey everyone. 2Cooltek doesn't have the socket Alpha that I need. Does anyone know of other reliable sites where I can get one? Thanks.


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go to alhpa's site located at...

they have a list of retailers on their site.
just a note, of the sites i have gone to, the sockets are either out, or in very short supply.

you can also buy direct from alpha, but some of the retail sites are cheaper... dunno why tho. kinda weird.

da jig isz up...


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Thanks for the replies. I got the socket Alpha from 3dfxcool which was listed on the site that you had given me. They said it would ship today. For those of you interested, it was $32.50 after shipping.


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Don't buy alphas from anyone else but 2cooltek! Seriously. Go to . He has about the best prices and his service is great. I ordered an alpha and some other stuff on Friday and it arrived on Monday! Very fast shipping!

I am an *extremely* satisified customer.


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I ordered mine from 3dfxcool too, dunno when I'll get it--prolly sometime by Wednesday or Thursday I'll bet.

Anyways, I'm working on modifying my Peltier cooler to cool my K6-III better. It wasn't cooling my K6-III well enough since it wasn't able to dissapate the heat fast enough with it's wimpy 3200RPM fan, but with the 4500RPM fan that I'm getting with the alpha, that should be more than enough to cool the Peltier's hot side.

The reason why I'm gonna do this is because my Peltier could cool my CPU down 21C, but not under a full load--it'd overheat. But hopefully with that 3dfxcool fan it'll work great and cool it into the low 20s (60Fs)... that'd be great for overclocking!

If that doesn't work the Alpha's heatsink should provide excellent cooling anyways...