Global WIn FKP-32 better than FEP-32 and FDP-32 ?



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Is the FKP-32 better than FEP-32 and FDP for socket 7 (K6-3) mobo´s ?
If it´s better, how much if so ?

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That review does not look at the FEP or FDP! Kinda dissappointing..



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Although you can get them still, the GlobalWin FEP32 has been discontinued and replaced with the FKP32.(I think this is correct!)
And no, the article does not compare to FEP32 or FDP32, but it does compare to the ALPHA, which has been the #1 ss7 cooler for a long time.

I've got a K6/2-500 system I'm building for a friend. It's overclocked to 525, and running 2.3v at the moment. It has been running Stability Test for over 12 hours and the temp is 38c using a GlobalWin FKP32 and one (1) case fan! Also, running 3D MARK 99 Demo on continuous loop mode for 6 hours only took the temp to 36c! At idle, the temp runs 26-28c with NO software cooling!

I also have a GlobalWin FEP32 and it runs about 3-4deg warmer.

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