GIve the Real Scoop!! Which Vid.crd. w/ AMD



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Im upgrading... Fic 503+ "CE" ver.Via chipset w/ AMD 350. (would like to use AGP slot, 1 reason y im upgrading, and of course its for gaming, simulators and quake types) I keep seeing many conflicting recommandations on here about which card i should goto.. I have a ATI 3d rageII 4 mg card from old system... should i use and add onto for the 3d??? Please Help!!!!

Thank u all in advance.... The more the better..... thanx


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so check this out..... I WOULD SY GET A VOODOO 2, if you like 3D... There are some reports of Banshees not working with AMD (AGP Cards I Think) So It could be a crap shoot, Now TNT's a Great, But they SUCK alot of Your CPU... Although some have seen improvement on sub 400 mhz PII's.... So I say Voodoo... ENJOY


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ATI 3dxpression PC/TV and ATI 3dTurbo PC/TV
are pretty good 2D cards. I like them alot.
And I think their 3d performance are also ok.
For card with DAC at 170-200MHZ, they are
very impressive. But if you really need to
add a 3d card, why not get a 4meg voodoo for
under $50 or a 12meg voodooII for under $100?


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which one..... so many types of makes of cards that says it has the voodoo 2 chipset in it...... many different price ranges too...... its hard to differentiate?


I would go with a Riva TnT card. I just bought one and all that crap about needing a high end system is nonsense. It has great 2D, and the 3d is killer. Not as fast a dual voodoo2 but visually it makes voodoo2 look like it was made for the colorblind. Even on low end machines you can expect a fps average
to be very acceptable. On jediknight, in 1152x864 I'm dropping at lowest ever to like 35fps. (as long as it stays above 24fps, you'll never notice a dip.


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TNT my friend, it simply has more for less $.
If you want to spend money, get 2 Voodoo 2's in SLI mode...but it sounds like your tryin' to save a bit... and the TNT is in most ways better than 2 Voodoo 2's anyway.... The TNT gets you higher resolution, better color depth and great frame rates... remember.. frame rates above 40+ are only for god-like beings,,, not for the common man. Careful though... there can be problems with any MB/CPU and video card... so do your research eg. problems with Alladin V chipset and Matrox and TNT..... Also with some AMD video card combos... If you plan on overclucking, bok, bok, then pick a stable board and videocard ie. the canopus TNT version with the FIC or Tyan MP3 (orwhatever that chipset is called) with 1 MB of Cache... I know the MB you picked is a good one...


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!!!Matrox Millenium G200!!!!!!
AGP, it works great with my FIC / 300 AMD 3dnow processor.