GF4 Boot in safe mode only !!?!?


Waldo Pepper

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Hi m8s,
Just bought a new system with ASUS GF4 (V8460Ultra), [Athlon 1900, EpoX8 K3A+, 256 MB, WDD800BB, W98SE], and discovered that
a.) during boot up several double columns of strange (always the same) ASCII Codes are displayed, making some messages hard
to read. Also happens in BIOS menue.
b.) screen goes completely black when boot-up is finished and Windows loaded.

A rather high price to pay for being at the leading edge of technology

Query in a German forum revealed that several people have this problem with GF4 cards also from Gainward, Creative or MSI.
Unfortunately no-one has a cure yet?!?!

Maybe some of the Gurus here know anything?
If so: Free crate of German beer, brand is your choice



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Please see your other crossposts- two of which I replied to already

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