GF2 mx ram chip data base



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It would be useful to start a little data base on these forums as to exactly what ram chips are on what video cards. Specifically, I'm interested in the GeForce2 MX, and I'll start it off. I got the eVGA MX (no TV out) from (Sunnytech, Inc), for $93. A review on PC911 said it had the 5.5ns ram, but it had Samsung 6ns. So far I've been able to overclock it to 200MHz core/200MHZ memory- ram heatsinks, no chip fan. 3DMarks=5367. This is on a KT7-RAID, [email protected] (9x109), BIOS maxed out. If enough people sent in their chip markings, overclocking results, and 3DMark scores, we could really get a good idea as to what cards are the real bargins, and what cards are crap. Here's my Samsung 6ns marking number.

Samsung 046
(the S after K4 may be a 5- I can't tell which)
Here's a link to the Samsung site showing the meanings of the markings. How about some MX owners supplying similar info on their MX cards, and starting other threads for other cards?


[email protected] (9x109)
1.7v core, 3.4v I/O
KT7-RAID, bios maxed out
5367 3DMarks
27-32C. cpu temps-normal
Ducted outside air to cpu fan operation
FOP32-1, YTech fan, arctic silver
eVGA GF2 [email protected] 200/200MHz