Getting haedache looking at my 22"CRT



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The old screen was only 17" and I am not used to keeing my head further back from the screen, and I probably don't blink often enough and the lighting is slighty dim, but these are hard habits to crack and I start feel tierd and get a headache after a short time looking at the screen.

Should I have got an LCD such as the SGI, or a 19in crt instead, or should I preseiver with this screen. I haven't it long and there's dead pixel at the center of the screen, but I dunno if I should return it, and in such an event should I go for a refund or a replacement and what should I replace it with.

Edit:- Could these headaches be caused by the radiation or is it more likely to do with how I view the screen

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Personnaly I would return it, especially with the dead pixel thing. Have you checked your refresh rate? Be sure it's at least 75, not lower, otherwise your eyes will bleed

Have you tried to use a lower resolution with it? If you really feel bad after only a few minutes and your res/refresh rates are ok, I would return it and try another model, or buy a better quality 19".

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I would definitely return the monitor considering those dead pixels. The headaches can easily be solved by just increasing your refresh rate. Use something above 75hz and you'll be just fine.

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My 17inch is pretty old, about 4 years old and can do 1280x1024 @ 60 hertz. And I use that res because I cannot stand a lower one. Am I doing any serious damage to my eyes? I'm considering bying a nice 19 inch soon.

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Save up and get yourself a 21" Sony E500.

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