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Can some of you computer guru's out there help me out with the GeForce. I have been told its a great Card, but I don't understand who makes it. I have read lots and it seems it more of a type of card, than one actually made by 1 company.

If so, which company makes them the best and where should I look to purchasing one.

I might be totally clueless too.

Is the Voodoo5 5500 AGP an acceptable alternative?



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The GeForce name actually refers to chipset by nVidia. A lot of different manufacturers have video cards based on GeForce SDR, DDR, GTS, GTS2 Ultra......who knows how many more will emerge
Anyhow, Asus, Creative Labs, Elsa, Guillemot/Hercules, Leadtek are all noteable card manufacturers. I'm sure there are probably other off-brands that are decent..but reliable driver/tech support, software bundles are more common with name-brand products. Go to www.pricewatch.com and do a search. Lots of reviews on the web can be found comparing price and performance of GeForce cards. Good luck in your quest!
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