Geforce2 GTS Problems...Not for the Technically Challenged



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Okay, my buddy is having severe trouble with his new Creative Labs GeForce2 GTS and he's asked me to quiz you guys on possible solutions. Here's a rundown of his system..

Celeron 300A @ 450mhz
Abit BH6
Creative Labs Annihilator 2 GTS
Soundblaster Live! Value
128MB of PC100 RAM

Here's the deal. He bought the card and slapped it in. Against my recommendation he installed the Creative drivers off of the disc. Upon firing up any game (specifically Q3A and Homeworld), the entire machine would crash once the color depth was changed to 32-bit. That's when I got the call to come over and help him out. I slap my reference Detonator 3 (v6.18) drivers on a CDRW and head over to his pad. I look the system over and get a chance to see the problem. I have to admit I've never seen anything quite like this. The game(s) will start and then the monitor will just kick off and go to suspend mode while the system locks up. Weird I thought. So, I uninstall the Creative drivers and remove what registry settings that I can find that where left behind. I then install the reference Detonators and everything goes smooth. Upon firing up the same games, the problem is still present. The games play a little longer but it does so in 16-bit and 32-bit color now. Thinking it might be a hardware conflict or something along those lines I do the following:

1) Pull the video card out and clean the connectors with alcohol and put it back in.

2) Check the bios and try different settings with the AGP aperture size

3) Check all IRQs. Everything looks fine with no conflicts.

None of the above solved the problem so I figured he may have gotten a bum board. He took the card back and got it replaced with another. This new one is still giving him the same trouble. It kind of sounds like a heat issue but we're running with the case off and the card itself has a built-in heat sink fan. Also, it does this even after his machine has been sitting off all day. In case someone is wondering, the card is not overclocked.

I have two options. One, come here and see if anyone can come up with any other ideas. Or two, look in the phone book under excorsism and see if I can get someone to come over and drive the evil spirits out of this thing
. Any help is appreciated!



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Did your friend do a fresh install of Windows after he installed the new GF2 card? If not he might be having a conflict with some older video drivers which are still floating around from the previous video card.




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If I had a say in the matter I'd have him do a reformat of the drive and do a fresh install of win98. However, he's one of these guys who, for some reason, literally hates to reformat. He did do a fresh re-install only of win98 before putting the original card in.


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Have you tried deleting the card and letting windows redetect it? Just a quick thought.

Edit: Forgot to ask, what was his previous card?

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Go to Abits web page and download the latest bios, which should allow you to change the agp speed from X2 to X1.
Failing this its a lot easier to go to Creative and download the Fasttrak drivers, allowing you to change the agp speed from within windows. Also allows you to test sidebanding.
Try upping the 3.3v i/o voltage (in bios) to 3.5v.
Try removing/relocating the sound card, and/or memory.

Make sure in bios things like video bios shadow, video ram cacheable, video bios cacheable, etc are all disabled.

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#6 , the mecca for geforce info should be able to help you. It is very, very long now but using most of the suggestions can get a GeForce or GeForce2 stable. I would suggest upping the VIO to 3.5 in your friends case, most of the BX/GeForce problems can be solved with this. Also since he is running a higher bus speed make sure sidebanding is disabled, there are some utilities at in the drivers and utilities section.

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