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I'm curious to know how far have you overclocked your GeForce. Please list your card and engine/clock speed.


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Creative OEM GeForce SDR
130/180 stable
133/183 borderline
135/185 lock-up or artifacts
1XAGP with Sidebanding

Athlon700 OEM (Gateway) mobo AMD 750
256 Micron PC100
IBM Deskstar 20gig


Overclocking Duffus
I haven't tried to push it yet. My 3D Prophet DDR-DVI is running at 140/340.


Creative Labs Geforce 256 SDR

Core 150mhz
Memory 225mhz

Core 155mhz (artifacts)
Memory 230mhz (artifacts)


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Thanks for your reply guys and gals. I'm currently doing a survey to find out how far all the GeForce can OC. I currently have an Asus V6800 DDR and my result are 150/350 rock stable. I think I can go a little higher on the core but the Asus Tweak utility max at 150. I'm very impress with the GeForce's. Kudos to Nvidia.


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Does overclocking a GeForce make much difference? I heard when they first came out that there was only about 2-3fps difference. What speed improvements are you all noticing?




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Ok here I come as usual to spoil the party

I'm very unimpressed with the GeForce's. Nega Kudos to Nvidia.... it's Still Beta
......... ( I actually quite like it now but don't tell anyone

Overclocking the Geforce brings Smallish gains, but there is a link between core & memory speed. have a look here:-

I've copied and pasted the below info from an earlier posting of mine, fingers are too tired to edit.......

"Well I have the CLAP , and I got that to 82C once!, I think 60C is pretty normal, but it depends where you measure the temp.
I have a tower case and measure the temp from the top of the card on the PCB the otherside of the GPU. I tried various heatsink and fan combos including a 120mm fan on it, no kidding.

None of this really help alot as 40C was just about as low as it would go in non gaming use, I also have good case cooling (22C to 24C).

I finally solved it with an ICE 71 peltier @ 7v on an Alpha 3125 heatsink, now running at 18C to 24C in most situations, though it will go up to 32C with FSSAA enabled. This is total overkill I know, and I only tried it as I had the peltier and alpha sitting here. I will be water cooling it soon as I'd really like some PCI slots back

Motherboard: Abit BF6
Front Side Bus: 140Mhz
Processor: PIII Coppermine
Speed: 700Mhz
Overclocked to: 988Mhz
Videocard: CLAP o/c'd 165/365
GeForce Temperature: (Gaming) normally 24C (32 peak)
GeForce Temperature: (Non-Gaming) around 18C

Before cooling (standard card)

GeForce Temperature: (Gaming) 68C, max 82C
GeForce Temperature: (Non-Gaming)around 56C"

Core will go to 185 but flakes out within 20mins of Q3.

Ok can I have the finished product now the Geforce 2 please????????????


Overclocking Duffus
OK I pushed a little. My 3D Prophet DDR-DVI is now running at 150/350. No problems, just a little faster.


Overclocking Duffus
OK, now I pushed my 3D Prophet DDR-DVI to 165/350. No problems, just faster. But it looks like that's the limit. 165 MHz is the highest GPU setting available, and if I go higher than 350 on the memory clock, it gets slower. The 3DMark2000 score is up to 4826. Since it was scoring 4480 at the default 120/300, I've gotten a little under a 10% performance boost.


Just got an Elsa Erazor X (SDR) yesterday and have been running it @ 150/180 right out of the box. No probs in 3DMark or UT yet. BTW - The graphics and speed are awesome on the SDR! I can't even imagine what the DDR would be like!


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OC'ing the Geforce really makes a difference in Q3A, and 3dmark 2000, but not at all in UT, which basically is a software game, even in D3D!

3dmark 2000:

120/300 : ~4600
150/330 : ~5100

Athlon 700 system, not OC



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What tweaking utility are you using? I need to find a new one cause my Asus utility max out at 150 core and I think it can go a little higher. Let me know where I can get an OC utility for the GeForce that can go higher than 150 core. Thanks.