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Hey there computer partners !!!!!

I own a Creative Annihilator Pro GeForce 256(DDR)and i will appreciate your oppinion of which drivers should i use so i get both performance and system stability.

thanks .......


Ive used 5.13 (fastest) with no probs what so ever but ive heard they're not the most stable.

Just use the 5.22's they're the latest and most stable I think. they're a bit slower than the above, but more stable. Also it supports Direct 3D Full scene antialiasing. But its real crappy still.

Oh yah u could use the 3.XX drivers but ur performance is gonna suffer cause they dont support S3TC texture compression.


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I agree. I've got a disk full of nvidia beta drivers and the 5.22's are for me the best yet.Previous 5.**'s worked ok but did not run all my d3d games properly.Now they do and I can use the S3TC feature.B4 if I wanted to run everything ok I would have to use 3.68 but these are no way as fast as the more recent beta 5's Also if you have the horsepower under youre bonnet the 5.22's can enable fsaa in d3d.
Hope this helps

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