GeForce BIOS, I need the newest update



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If you know where I can get it let me know


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Which manufacturer? Creative, Asus etc?
Check their sites!
Make sure to get the right one


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Type of Geforce can make a difference but the faq has this:-

Q. Are there any newer Video BIOS upgrades for the Annihilator?

No, not yet. However, you can use an NVIDIA reference BIOS: see the 'Where can I get the latest NVIDIA Flash BIOS and which should I use?' question.

Be warned that using the NVIDIA BIOS will void your warranty. Also, check your card's current BIOS version as some cards already have a more up to date BIOS than the NVIDIA BIOS that is available. Check this by rebooting and looking at the screen that comes up before the POST screen - the control panel applet does not always give a reliable reading of the BIOS version.

Q. How do Creative's BIOS versions differ from NVIDIA's BIOS versions?[/b]

This response was given by Bill Ball of Creative:

We have a different versioning convention from NVIDIA. Basically ours is and NVIDIA's is, where .oo is the OEM revision. So on NVIDIA's control panel or NVFLASH program, the .oo part is displayed last whilst for our bootup signon message and the later Blaster Control App would display our convention. So, for our SDR BIOS, the version is displayed as (our convention) instead of (NVIDIA's convention). This might have led people to believe that we are using a BIOS.

This may only apply to the Creative card but I'm sure other companies will gladly void your warrenty if you flash to an unofficial Bios, beware!


this site has some if you are feeling brave enough