Geforce 4 MX440 - Is it worth it?



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I'm not a hardcore gamer, but i do like to play the most recent games. I have heard that this won't keep up with the games that are going to come out soon. Whats your views on it?
Its got a great price, and i'm pretty strapped for cash at the moment. Is it worth it? Or should i get a GF3Ti200 instead a while later?


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I faced the same dilema a few weeks ago, and decided to buy the geforce3 ti200 , at the time I didnt know about the Geforce4 Ti4200 that will cost less than US$200,00 . Now you can get a G3 Ti200 for 110,00 and it has DX8 support. I would save a little more and buy a G3 Ti200 and overclock it or even a G4 TI4200 if your budget allows. I'm not a hardcore FPS gamer but I do like to play MOAHH and Op. Flashpoint at 1024x768 32bit, and the GF3 performs great. Hope it helps.



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Yeah i'm the same, i love Op Flash and Allied Assault, so that might push me into spending a little more than i wanted.
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What do you have now. Even something liek a GeForce2 GTS is good enough for most. If your running some crappy integrated graphics then a GeForce2 GTS-V costs less then %50 at The GeForce3 Ti200 has more features and does run faster (it also overclocks nicely). The GeForce4 MX is basically a Geforce2 MX that runs much faster. It likely performs about the same as the GeForce2 GTS.

The GeForce4 Ti4200 are starting to show-up on pricewatch slowly. One place is listing an ETA of this Thursday (5-2-02), but most are showing about 2-3 weeks still. I plan on getting the Ti4200 64MB version. The memory runs faster and it is showing up for $169 already.

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I had a Geforce2 Pro from Leadtek. I had to return it under warranty, and i asked if i could get a geforce 4 MX440 in place of the GF2 Pro being returned to me, and pay the difference. But now i've been told i'll get the MX440 for free if they find the card i sent them is faulty. I didn't want to press my luck and i'll take any card thats free!


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I repeat not get the g4mx440. it is severely crippled. Even Carmack acknowledges it.


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I went from a GeForce2MX to a GeForce4MX 440 and there was just about no difference at all. It's not worth the money, I would go with something like the GF4Ti4200 or maybe the GF3Ti200 or something like that. Big speed difference in my opinion.

Good luck!

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why go gf3ti200 when u can get a 8500 for really close to the same price. it is faster than a ti500 in most situations and can support dual monitors. i like mine alot.


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but it doesnt' come close to the awaited 4200 ...but then again .i'll have to check out the 2D quality on the GF4Ti4xxx (not MX)


Originally posted by Leeren:
I repeat not get the g4mx440. it is severely crippled. Even Carmack acknowledges it.
That is irrelevant. It is still a good card if you can get it at a decent price. Very ignorant to write it off like that.

IMO, a 7500 might be a better buy in that price range. The step up to a DX8 card (e.g GF3, Radeon 8500, GF4) would definitely worth the extra cost, though. The shader programmability of DX8 cards will also help them run DX9 games better than DX7 cards run DX8 games.

The development platform for DX9 is the Radeon 8500 (R200). Many DX9 functions will be partially hardware accelerated. This is in contrast to DX8 operations on DX7 cards, which usually must done in software (retarded!).


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Hey guys. I just got a new laptop, with a GeForce 440MX. It is the toshiba 5005-s507. Compaired to my Geforce3 in my desktop, it is slow, but I can run every current game with max detail, and at 1024x768 without so much as a hicup in framerate. For the price, it is a good chip, but you should prolly look into something like a GF3 Ti500 because they are about the same price, if you shop around.


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