GeForce 2GTS and AMD K6-II 450



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Ok here is the deal. I have a AMD K-6 II 450 I am running Win 98 SE 128 MB RAM

Ever sive I replaced my Voodoo 2 3000 with a Elsa GeForce 2 GTS 32MB DDR. I get a weird thing going on. Only when Im on the Internet surfing the web colors get superimposed over the windows start button and all on the left side of the start button menu. I am running the Det 3 6.34 I beleive. Everything else works fine I can play some really big games allthough not as fast as I should. Anyone have any ideas. I have a ASUS A7V MoBo and a 1gh AMD T-bird on order but I am just real curious on this problem.


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It's a bug in the detonators. I had the same problem with my TNT2 and a K6-2 [email protected] in a TMC AI5VG+ mobo (VIA MVP3 chipset) with any of the 6.3x Detonator drivers (under 98SE)

-Haven't had any tried any other 6.xx drivers

Don't have any problems with 5.xx or 3.xx


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With any socket 7 system, stick to 6.18 Detonators or lower. But, honestly what you describe doesn't sound like a driver problem. Keep in mind that your motherboard is probably not AGP 2.0 compliant. Upgrading your mobo is a great idea. So many people are trying to put a kick-a## video card in their socket 7 system and either having problems or not getting the performance they expect.