GeForce 2 Ultra or regular GeForce 2?



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I am updating my video card and was wondering if the $499 price tag is worth purchasing the GF2 Ultra or a GF2 regular. Is there a substantial performance difference between the two or is Nvidia just trying to pull something here?


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The Geforce 2 Ultra is all that they crack it up to be.

Its the fastest Desktop video card to date and plays at 50 fps in 32bit color at 1600x1200.

I would like one but $1000 AUS is a bit much.


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just to put things in perspective, for the price a geforce2 ultra, you can buy

a t-bird, good motherboard, and still have money left for a geforce2 MX if you look around.

if you ask me it is way too expensive for the typical gamer unless need to use that 1600x1200 res.

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Well it's kind of simple really. The GeForce to is ~$250. The GeForce 2 ultra is twice as fast, but also twice as much. So if you think about it, it's not that much of a ripoff, although IMO it's overkill to buy a card that fast at this point in time.


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I'm going to get the GeForce2 Ultra anyway.

I used to think a lot about how much I spent but after playing Need For Speed... I think no more. Many of my friends are always here now and we all get a kick out of playing the game.

It's been a lot of fun and I don't intend to stop now.

In fact, I'll want to build another computer just so we can play each other side by side. What do we work so hard for... to enjoy the better things in life and this one I am definitely enjoying.

I hope many of you feel the same.


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Toolbox, depending on your resolution (let's say it's something resonable like 10x7 or 12x10) I'm willing to wager that a V5 5500 would look better and possibly give better framerates in Need For Speed compared to a GF2 ultra. In my experience, I believe EA games are written for glide. If you're buying a card specifically for NFS, the V5 would be a better buy for $200 less.

From the initial benches I've seen the Ultra is not quite twice as fast as the DDR at reasonable resolutions anyway. Even if it were, would the ultra be worth the price over a GTS? Your call. I'll wait for reviews on the shipping products before I decide.

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Really it just depends on the money.

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