GeForce 2 on BH6 mobo



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Wondering if this is going to work?
I have a Creative Labs GeForce2 video card on the way and am wondering how it will work with my current setup.

Right now I have:
Abit BH6 w/Cel [email protected]
192 MB 100-MHz RAM
Matrox G200 and Voodoo 2 video cards
SoundBlaster Live-value
3Com Fast-Ethernet NIC (3C905B)
US-Robotics internal ISA 56k Win-modem
Fire-Wire (1394) PCI card
Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller
SCSI CR-ROM(Toshiba 32X) and CD-Burner (8x)
4 WD HD's (4,8,8,10 GB)

I would like to get a few more months out of this MB/CPU setup if t will work ok. Any ideas?
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You're about to find out.

Maybe you should ask questions like this BEFORE you go off and order new stuff if there is any question.

What would you do if someone said, "no, that won't work"? What about if someone said, "yes that will work fine"? Would it change your actions either way?

You already ordered the card, so you might as well plug it in when you get it and find out yourself. Too late either way.

Outside of the video card issue, you know that motherboard will support Pentium 3 processors (it may take a BIOS update, though). You can always grab a slotket and a Coppermine 550-650 for about $200. No need to ditch any 440BX motherboard right now. They're still the fastest and most stable motherboard available after 2 or 3 years of service.

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I would still get the card if there is going to be a problem. Just thoughtI could work on replacing anything that WILL cause a problem. I agree, I will find out. Was just wondering if someone out there had already "been-there/done-that".

Thanks for your reply.