geforce 2 mx not doing its job!!!



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I have a geforce 2 mx athlon tb 700 clocked to 800.... 7200 rpm hard drive ata100.... abit kt7 raid motherboard...
i have installed det 3 643? and the via 4 in 1 patches/drivers..
i have win98se... and directx 8 installed...

but i get less than 10 fps in ut under 1024x768 32 bit... that is outrageiously low!!!!.. is there something i am missing??

thank you

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dude, you got probs

i runb a duron 600 and gf2 MX at 800*600 in d3d in ut and blitz alonmg at a great many fps. hmm, perhaps a reinstallation of everything? or, check to see if ya agp 2x enabled or otherwise.

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Did you install the VIA 4-in-1 before you installed the Detonators??? If not, it is time to reinstall windows.

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yeah, not putting on the via 4-in-1's is a bad idea... I did that. I survived it, but it took a hell of a lot of work (showed itself by screwing up directsound :confused

I had been playing UT at crappy fps, like you, and after the 4-in-1's it ran great.

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