gaming (low resolution) with i3 vs i5?



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Building a gaming pc for my brother, would there be much difference between the two processors. Does it matter that there are currently about 5 flavours of each one?

From what I can guess, the only reason to go for the i5 is for in the future if games take advantage of more than 2 cores. So take that extra money (if i3) and spend it on the gpu instead? There is also talk about if using low resolution, that it somehow is more cpu intensive than gpu? The upcoming games he wants to play are bioshock infinite (specs seem awfully low) and crysis 3. Or should wait a few months till prices come down and bit and then be able to go all out?

Even though isn't a video card forum, figured throw this in anyway to get a better understanding...

Ultimately would love to buy an i5 and 7850, but can only afford a radeon (or nvidia comparable) i5 and 7770, or i3 and 7850. He runs the resolution at 1280 x 720 because any higher and the text is generally unreadable. I would assume there is no option to change text size...