games with best cinematics


Dr. Speedy

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Umm yeah how about Final Fantasy 8. Only the sweetest cut-seens ever!... actually they kinda weren't CUT-scene's since they flowed in and out of the game play, man that was cool.

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Need Speed 2 SE
Descent Freespace
Wing Commander Prophecy (live actors)

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1. Starcraft - The battle in the abandoned space station was the best ever. It deserves the academy award for gaming movies. Pay attend to the little details such as the cigar smokes, the propeller shadows, and lightings. Notice the sound effects during the gun fight and emotion on the soldier's face before he hit the detonate button.

2. Starcraft Broodwar - The opening scene where the marine is fighting the zergs in the trenches. His machine fire and the images of his gun's ammo counter running out is superbly scripted. Notice the sounds of gun fire tones down to a silence as the other marine listening to heavy metal music point toward the sky to the commander's ship and the scene shifts to a conversation between the two generals. The conversation between the general and the details put into the cigar ashes and the clock are amazing.

3. D II - The scene where Tyreal and Diablo wrestled on top of the suspended bridge while Marias approached Baal.

4. Warcraft III advertisement - The scene where the knight and the orc was fighting and the meteorite landed. The demons arrived and killed the knight and the orc.

Acid Rain

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I think that Diablo 2 has one of the best cinematics in a game.

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