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My business is aiming to specialise in developing new software and games.
Two systems are required for this, one system for the development of the games and a second system to be improved in order to test developed software, games, and carry out desktop publishing requirements.

Components of the system we want to upgrade and use for testing:

VIA MS-6309LE5 Motherboard
Celeron 600Mhz processor
128MB Memory
LS-120 Drive
Proline DVD1000
Diamond viper V550
15"LG Monitor
Windows 98 SE2
Internet Keyboard
Microsoft Basic Mouse
Apollo P2100 Printer

There is a budget of £1200 for the system to be upgraded.

Now that our games department has developed further and is now expanding we require the purchase of a new system to allow us to develop top quality games.
New games will be developed with equivalent requirements to the ones now on the market.
Taking into consideration market games requirements now and expecting the new games to have the same system requirements.

For example: Dark Ages of Camelot, Tomb Raider, and Zoo Tycoon Ages of Empire etc.
As well as the games, the company will be developing modern software and this system should accommodate staff with adequate resources for developing such software.
The budget for this system is £3000.

If at all possible a price breakdown for both systems would be very useful.

We would really appreciate your assistance in this matter and look forward to hearing from you soon.