G400 max In for a long wait!!!!!



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Well i just saw this at www.riva3d.gxnetwork.com. This is important to the people waiting for the G400 max;

Matrox G400 Max Woes - Ross @ 07:32 PM CST Thu - Jul 8th, 1999
If you want to get a Matrox G400 Max, you're in for quite a long wait. If you go to order one online, you'll get delivery estimated to be in September. The G400 Max shortages are making it difficult even for developers to get ahold of. Whether part shortages or production problems, the boards are in very short supply and will continue to be so for quite some time.


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The new shipments are scheduled to be out 9/9/99. That is hardly a long wait (8 weeks) certainly no longer than the V3 3500 crowd, don't ya think.