G400 MAX, GeForce 256, or Rage Fury Maxx



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Which one should I get?
G400 MAX? Geforce 256? Rage fury maxx?

I really like the image quality from G400 like VQC and EMBM, etc...

And I also like Geforce 256's cube bump-mapping and T&L... 480MPixels/Sec

Rage fury maxx offering twin rage fury pro which is very nice chipset, it does line and edge anti aliasing unlike G400 and Geforce 256 and it produce true 32-bit color with few performance hit... it is 64MB + 500MPixels/sec but no 3D EMBM or Cube Bump-mapping....

or I just wait for Glaze3D? Really fast and superb image quality and features... but it MAY be out in Feb 2000'

My system
K6-III 450
CL TNT2 Ultra @ 177/220
Aureal SQ2500
Western Digital 8.4 Gig HDD with Seagate 2.1 Gig HDD
FPS 2000 Digital

PS: I am a graphic desiger and also a game player.. I play games like first person shooting....
Todd a

Todd a

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Unless I see a prototype of the Glase3D I consider it vapor ware. Things can get scrapped way too fast now adays.

You did forget the Savage2000. They are looking to release their card in about 3-4 weeks and are planning on 140-150/150-160 without any fans, just a heatsink. This baby has about half the transisters as the GeForce and they made it to .18 micron. I'm expecting a consurvative 140/150 but expect with the addition of a cheap fan to get 150/166 or better without any trouble (possably even 160/175).

With Two dual texture pipelines, S3TC (6:1 texture compression), S3TL (8 light transformation and lighting), and a geomitry engine (5-10M triangles). This beast will have a fill rate of 560-600Mtexils (or possible 650-700 after overclocking). Drivers are supposadly stable and the card supports 32 and 64 MB SDRAM and DDR. It should be very comparable to the GeForce 256 with a higher fill rate. It even lets you ofload some of the T&L load onto the CPU if the CPU can handle it.


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I will be short and simple, GeForce 256 ROCKS!!!!! You should see the images of quake3 and other types of games running on a GeForce 256 processor! It R-O-C-K-S!!! Personally, I have been having a ton of problems with the S3TC and it diffinately slows down your computer down!!!! S3 Sucks, Nvidia RULES!!!!


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I've been a promoter of Nvidia since my first 128 card. But I'm skipping the Geforce, at least for now. If s3 can get their driver support in shape for release, the Savage2000 will be the card to have. The Geforce looks good, but I already havea TNT2 Ultra, and the performance increase is too little. Maybe down the road when games come out that properly utilize....yadda yadda. (By then I'll have a new card.)


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What about the Voodoo 5 5500? Dual processor, hardware anti-aliasing, and 667-733 megapixels. Sounds a lot like the MAXX but a little faster.


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Wait for the NV 15. The TNT 2 Ultra is good enough to last for a while yet.
About the V5. The only card of the V 5 which is anything to consider is the V 5 6000, and it'll go for $600!
The NV 15'll propably have a fillrate of atleast 700 Mtex/sec, which should be about the same as the V 5 5500. And the price should be about the same too. With the NV 15 you get cube env. bump mapping, T&L and vertex blending)

Read more about the GeForce (and T&L, cube bumpmapping) at http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/geforce_256/introduction.shtml

With the Voodoo you get full screen snti-aliasing, which is good in 640*480 and 800*600 res, but not really needed at higher res. And some blurring effects, which really is more suited in movies.

Take a look at the following links: http://www.voodooextreme.com/hw/Features/3dfxdemise/index.html/ http://www.24hrgamer.com/articles/v4&5/ http://www.bjorn3d.com/subpages/features/voodoo4/part1-1.shtml http://www.bjorn3d.com/subpages/features/voodoo4/part2-1.shtml http://fps3d.com/articles/3dfxassessed/


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If u consider GForce make shoure that is DDR, avoid ATI it needs big CPU power that u dont have, G400 is great card but it has problems with compatibility on some systems (drivers related) and it also needs lots of CPU power to showe what realy can do.

If Im you I would firs buy fast CPU PIIIB, or K7 (i would pick K7 is fater, but that would I do, PIIIB-coppermine is also very fast CPU), at least 256MB RAM, SCSI HD or UDMA 66.

JMike is right TNT2 is still very good card.