FS: Moving sale; PS2, cables, monitors, Dell desktop & laptop parts, etc.



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Contact: [email protected]

All items are located in Dallas, Texas and I have 100% Positive Seller feedback: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=1011

1. Play Station 2: $25 shipped ($20 local pickup)
--> User reported some game CD/DVD were not being read properly. I tested it to confirm it powers on/off, the menu screen loads fine, and the optical drive loads and ejects fine. I don't have a DVD or PS2 Game nor a controller to confirm anything else. Buyer may be able to fix it using this tutorial: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/guides/2003/11/ps2-repair-guide.ars So, sold as is.

2. Data Cable Kit: $25 shipped ($20 local pickup)
Cat 5 Ethernet Cables in following lengths:
(5ft , grey)
(9ft, grey)
(5ft, blue)
(7ft, blue, clipless)
(13.3ft, blue, clipless)
(9.5ft, blue, New)
(6ft, white, New)
(5ft, Blue)

Modem / Phone Cable (7ft, grey, clipless)
USB Cable (5.25ft, black, New)
Canon Device Cable (4.5ft, black)

VGA Video / Monitor Cables in the following lengths:
(5ft, Black)
(5.5ft, White)
(9.5ft, White)
(9.5ft, White)
(5.5ft White)

3. Dell Accessory Package: $35 shipped ($25 local pickup)
Two 12ft long Dell Power Adapters: ADP-70EB
9ft long Dell Power Adapter: PA-1900-02D
Two 24x CD-Rom Drives with connector cables: 5044D A02
Floppy Drive with connector cable: 4702P A01



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4. Dell Panoview 745A Rackmount TFT 15 inch lcd screen CTX: $36 shipped ($30 local pickup)
Power adapter is included

5. Cornerstone p1460 Monitor for CAD/Photo/Graphics: $89 shipped ($49 local pickup)



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6. Dell Optiplex GX1 Desktop Tower PC: $70 shipped ($40 local pickup)
Pentium II fully loaded with DVD-Rom, LG CD-Rom, and Sony CD Writer, floppy drive, etc

7.AGP Leadtek Winfast A250 Vivo Video Card(Geforce 4 Ti4200 128MB memory): $16 shipped ($12 local pickup)