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predatorvj said:
me from india,mumbai

hello friends.
following BRANDED LG rig is for sale.

  • INTEL P4 3.0 Ghz HT technology processor
  • INTEL D865GSA chipset motherboard
  • 512mb DDR 400 mhz RAM
  • 80 GB HDD
  • Floppy drive
  • ORIGINAL LG PSU (pic posted)
  • compact ,stylish original LG cabinet with fan also at the bottom of the rig(4th pic in attached thumbnail).
  • Whole rig is underwarranty of more than 1 years .
  • Never OC'd and is totally in mint condition.

The cabinet looks so great ,that i cant explain(got rubber padding on the back to remove static current from your hand) .its very stylish,compact and most of all totally branded.Never OC ,infact it was opened for first time for clicking pictures.:eek:hyeah:
The cabinet is totally in mint condition (you can see my finger prints on it which can be easly wiped put ... :p )
forgot to mentioned that on HDD more than 3yrs warranty is left

any more question are welcomed.
I have tried to post the best pictures from my side.

its vertical drive:

LG rig with my Iball grabit:

back view:

more clear pic of LG PSU with fan on bottom of it


price drop to 220$(non negotiable)


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add ram, cheap video card and tv tuner and you have yourself a better-then-tivo box for about $400. the case even looks like a htpc, its a decent deal.


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