Frustrated users complain about SkyDrive problems after Windows 8.1 update



There are more than 120 active discussion threads on Microsoft's SkyDrive forum

IDG News Service - As people have moved to Windows 8.1 in the past two months, the drumbeat of reports that the OS update has affected the SkyDrive cloud storage service has grown louder.

Frustrated users have started more than 120 unique discussion threads on the SkyDrive section of Microsoft's Community site. There are other threads dealing with this topic in other sections of the site, and in third-party discussion forums.

Most of the threads on the company's Community site are active, and few have received a satisfying answer from Microsoft forum moderators.

The problems for the affected users began after installing Windows 8.1, the update to Windows 8 that started shipping in mid-October. The complaints include nagging and persistent error messages, slow performance, difficulty uploading files, lost and corrupted folders and documents, and sync troubles, including duplicate files and processes caught in a loop...

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Procrastinating Member
Darn Linux! This wouldn't happen on Windows.


There is no perfect OS. But given the glitches on linux, and there are many, I have to take advantage when I can.