Front Page 98 question...??



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Just picked up Front Page 98 and am on my way to setting up a site.
I'm in a band and am trying to put some MP3 songs on the site for download.
Can't seem to figure out how to do it.
Could someone help me out or point me in the right direction?




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You need to open frontpage explorer and drag and drop your files where you want them on the server. Then when making a page with frontpage98 just insert a link right to that file you uploaded.


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In frontpage (FP) explorer select File, Import
Select the MP3 files.
Import them.
They will be imported into whatever folder in your web is current and you may have to move them if you put them in the wrong place.
Once the files are in the web folders (do not use Windows explorer to copy them, it must be done in FP explorer) you can insert hyperlinks to them.

Have fun, post your url and we'll have a look.