fromatting USB floppy drive



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In posted this same question on another forum but got two replies that seem to conflict with each other I need another opinion.

I would put the replies here but the page just doesn't want to load, it is one of the Google groups, so here is the post as I put it there:

We got our son a machine that didn't have a floppy drive installed and
he still has the one of the old Sony Mavica digital cameras, so I
found a Sony USB floppy drive and had it sent to him. His second
machine that had a floppy drive went down and that was why he needed a
floppy drive. He said every time he goes to format one of the floppies
it switches to the C:drive and he has to stop it. Why would it be
doing this, and what can he do?


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What switches to the C: drive? The format dialog, or the Explorer window in the background?

If you have A: selected in Explorer and then right-click | Format, it needs to go look at another drive since you can't format a drive that's in use. What's important is what is actually written in the format dialog.