Fried my moniter!!



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WOW does that suck or what? I was playing a game of Q-IIIa when My 20' compaq q-200 went black.
The next thing I saw was a wisp of smoke coming out of the vented area on the back top of it and I knew it was bad. BOO HOO!!


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I think I just got a bad run of luck. I bought it about two years ago at a show from a dealer who sells refurbs. I can't complain too much 'caus it was only $200.00
for a 20'er that was'nt bad back then. It also had a great picture too! It had Four RGB cords instead of the 15 pin output so I think it was from some kind of professional work system before it was givin up 9 probably an off lease unit). The thing kickes ass for the money so I'm kinda bummed but I have an excuse to get something new now. I think I'll get a Hitachi 19"er.
I'm not out of a moniter now 'cause I'm using a 17" Dell trinitron for now and it's quite good. As for the burn-out, I think that 10 houres a day of 1024x 768 @ 85 hz killed it over time. This doesn't sound too demanding by todays standards but this moniter must have been at least five years old and was extremely expensive new. Five years is like the stone age for the P C


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yup, that has happened to me before, except mine was a brand-new mitsubishi diamondtron 19". it was only a few months old, i pressed on the power button, the regular surge of power with a buzz, but this time, it popped and a smell of smoke filled the room.

now, i leave my monitor on all the time when my computer is on.

good luck with your new monitor!



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About three years ago I had an 15"er that, well, decided to get grumpy and choke itself to death. I was working in Windows, and all of a sudden the things starts to make a buzzing noise and then shuts off. Nothing, nudda, that beast put itself down. I still don't know what happened, and the noise it emmited was quite surprising to say the least!

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Well, I guess it isn't all that uncommon. I did some reading and found that I may indeed have been correct in that I was using too high a refresh for too long.
Apparently the refresh rate has an effect on the amount of heat that is produced by the moniter. My next one will have to be able to do 1600x1200 @85hzs so if I run 1024x768
@85-100hz, I'll be in a safe zone.


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Look here for a recent monitor discussion (if you haven't already).

As I've said there, I recommend the CTX PR960F, it's the one I have, it's excellent. It does [email protected] like you wanted and actually does [email protected] instead of 85-100 like you said. It's absolutely tops

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For anyone interested, That loud nasty buzzing sound was probably the high voltage transformer Arcing to the chassis. It almost gave my wife a heart attack when it happened to her monitor. She though the PC was struck by Lightning.

Ventilation is the key to a monitors well being. NEVER have anything sitting on top or blocking any vents. Make sure there is at least a couple of inches around all sides. There are lots of heat generating parts in a monitor so it needs air circulation.

I think I used to know that but I forgot.