Freezing Problems




Duron 800 on a KT7A-Raid
256MB Cas2 PC133 @ 133
Gainward GF4 Ti4200 @ default (drivers irrelevant!!)
SBLive! Value newest drivers from
2 NICs (Linksys and 3Com)
2x30GB IBM HDs in RAID0
Win98SE, DX9, VIA 4in1 4.38, Dets 29.80

I used to have a GF2 in this thing, and every one of my games ran fine. But now.. ALL of my games freeze anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour of play. I have tried everything I can think of, including flashing the bios to the latest available, which helped alot (the only reason I can play some games for an hour now...).

Now since the bios flash made things alot better, I'm thinking maybe a few bios tweaks will completely erase my problems. Fast writes are disabled, AGP aperture seems to make no difference, and 4x is enabled.

The weird thing is, it seems to be due to a memory leak (is this possible in hardware as opposed to a software mem leak?) If I play a game for more than a few minutes, I will start to get swap file usage, which increases until the game freezes.

The most help would be if someone running a GF4 on a KT7A v1.0 could post their bios settings.

Thanks in advance. :)
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heh I used to have the same card. Now tell me, when it freezes do all the colors get messed up perhaps like this pic? Thats what happened all the time with my Gainward on my board...but I threw is in my old roommates box and it ran fine. If your freezes look like that id invest in a different company. I RMAed mine two times, but it did not matter. the second card i got had ram sincs on it, but it did not help at all




Well isn't that strange. I went into bios under the 'advanced chipset features' section and set AGP master read and write to 'enabled', which almost solved it. Then what did I do? I overclocked the card LOL.... and it bloody fixed it. I just played my fave game for 5 hours without a hitch. Computers are silly. :rolleyes:

I'm sure there is a better explanation tho... (aliens?)