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Whats the deal with frame rates? I've read messages where people have said things like 'Im ONLY getting 40fps for this game'. And I've read things saying that a 75hz monitor isn't enough for some people. Can't the human eye only catch 30fps anyway? Or am I wrong?


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2D: With bright backgounds 75 Hz still may put strain on your eyes, 85 Hz is way better.
3D: If you want the FPS not to drop below 30 in every situation, your average FPS has to be somewhat like 50 Hz +. That's what people mean, the average FPS you need to get smooth gameplay even in action-packed moments.

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I read a while back that the human eye can only catch up to 36 frames per second, anything after that it won't. I've heard this a couple of times actually since then. I personally don't know, all i know is i can't really see a difference over 30 fps when i play a game. I can see a difference between say 20 fps and 30 fps.


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Well I have a program on my computer (at least I used to) that tested this very theory. I could easily distinguish between 30fps and 60. I could even distinguish between 60 and 80. After about 80fps or so, I could barely tell a difference, maybe because of my monitor.


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I can definitely tell the difference between 30 and 60. Highest I beleieve I got on a game was 70. It took a little while to notice I admit but you do get a feel for these things.


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That is a good explaination and I think I'll save that as this cherry comes up from time to time, and it is basically what I always try to get across.

The only thing I'm not 100% convinced by is the conclusion that the human eye can only see upto 72fps. If I run a 100hz vertical refresh and get a fps of around 100 to 120 ish most of the time in Q3, (and I admit it will dip below 72 very occasionally) then set Vsync to 75hz I can percieve a definate smoothness difference overall.

It may have something to do with the way vsync works or the fact I have 20/20 vision and I'm a graphics junkie