formatting hard drive and reinstalling win95



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I have a friend that is needing to format her hard drive and start fresh. My question is, after I format the hard drive, how do I get the cd rom running so I can install win95? Also, do I need a win95 cd that is for new computers and not one that is an upgrade? Please help.


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You need a bootdisk with the cd-driver (eg aoatapi.sys or whatever the name is) and mscdex.exe. Then add this to config.sys: DEVICE=AOATAPI.SYS /D:MSCD001
and this to autoexec.bat: MSCDEX /D:MSCD001

The upgrade-CD will work if you've got Windows 3.x on diskette. The installation will ask for this disk.


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As Milkman said, you need a boot disk. What you need to know is which boot disk do you need. If you are planning to install the Win 95 upgrade version, then you need a boot disk that will allow you to first install DOS and Win 3.x
If you have a copy of Win 95 that is not an upgrade (the CD will say upgrade or for distribution with a new computer) then you need a boot disk that will let you install Win 95 directly. has a collection of boot disks on their support page that you can download. The Boot disk that allows you to install the new system Win 95 will walk you through the process of installing Win 95.

Good Luck and remember to back up any data files that you have.