Forget everything, OC boss now proven?



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How does that make them the best??? All they did was get a VapoChill and slap it on a CuMine. How hard is that? Anyone can go out and buy a VapoChill if they have the money and overclock there chip. It is not hard. The people you mentioned in your post along with many others around here have real talent. They are creative at cooling there chips and they do it for a lot less money than the cost of a VapoChill. All of us could have 1500Mhz chips if we could afford the best parts (best chip, best ram, best motherboard, best video card, best chip cooler, best tower, etc). What they did is nothing special if you ask me. All it proved was that the VapoChill is a good product. Have you looked at the price of those things??? $695!!!