Forget buying them adapers! XBOX to USB mod

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Apologies, but I have to disagree krupted...

I think I'll stick to my Playstation 2 controller for the PC...


Did you see this thread in the Gaming forum...

You can also get PS2 -> USB adapters too. I ordered one over the weekend. It only cost me £6.99. What a snip! At last...a real controller for the PC. As soon as I get mine, I will invest in a copy of Pro Evo Soccer for the PC and see what the results are. I can hardly wait for it to arrive...

I feel a bit sorry for Logitech and Saitek ect... who will buy one of their pads now you can get an XBox or PS2 pad???
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eh, playstation pads are nothing more than snes pads with arms;)

Well, if you figure you have a USB cord laying around (i have a few) and you have an xbox, this is a great mod to make a FREE computer pad, interchangeable from xbox to pc. I wonder how well the drivers work. Thats the other thing, these drivers potentially have better functionality, as they do not rely on the drivers built into games. We'll find out soon how well they work