Ford EEC-V 8065 details



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I've seen the discussion here on the Ford DCL for the EEC-IV and wondered if anyone might just have some of what I am looking for.

I have been hacking away at the EEC-V for quite some time now and have a fairly decent understanding of the 8061 / 8065 as it differs from the 8096 although there are some grey areas. Has anyone enough experience here with the EEC-V systems to answer some questions about them?

The mysteries lie mostly in 3 areas:

1. The 16 bit PSW layout and behavior, I think I have decoded all but 5 bits ( lower 8 are almost exactly 8096 ). There seem to be some special conditions for PSW data setup / changes also.

2. The CART/EBC/DUCE/??? address layout 0x00C00-0x00FFF

3. What is at 0x01f00???

I realize that this may be quite specifically technical for this forum but you all seem like bright people.

Thanks in advance,