For those who wanted the new V5 drivers



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I finished the driver set I mentioned last week. They are HERE

Remember to let the installation over write ALL files

I did more OGL work and the results were quite good. Here is a Quake 3 bench demo 001:

Athlon 1000mhz
MSI K7T Turbo
128 PC 133 Ram
20 gig Maxtor ATA 100

Q3 Settings:

1280 x 1024
Default OGL Driver
32 bit color
Geometric Detail High
Texture Detail High (Slider full right)
Texture Quality 32 bit

53.6 fps

You will probably get higher with a similar PC, this is demo version 1.11.

Please let me know what you think, either here or by email.



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Any chance I could prevail upon you to write decent drivers for the Savage 2000???

No, didn't think

Anyway, a gratuitous bump here