For Sale: Superred 12v DC 1.30a 90x38mm 4-Wire Fan



New Member
The fan is VERY loud and VERY powerful, and can use a 4-wire outlet but only really needs a 3-wire outlet. I had to use a speed modulator for this fan because it was so loud and powerful, even when plugged into a 3-wire outlet.

I'm asking for $10 shipping included, but we might be able to work out a deal.

The fan is best used as a case fan or for a heatsink in a computer that needs air running through the heatsink, not just blowing down directly on top of it. The noise is an issue, though, so I'd give that some consideration first. The thing itself is like a blowdrier, and I'm being completely serious.

If you have any other questions about this item or you'd like to contact me, feel free to. Thanks.