FOP32 + Peltier



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All depends upon what you want out of it.
yes I have ran a FKP32 + 52W TEC, and they did a very good job.

The FOP is big , but I would think you would pushing its limit with a 72W TEC.
All depneds upon what sort of temps you hope to achieve, and the output of your CPU ( in Watts).
You will need to lap the suraface of the FOP< Globalwins finnishing is very coarse, and maybe use a copper spreading plate, as well as a copper cold plate.
IMO you should be OK, so long as your very careful about watching Temps' and use a good thermal compound. There seems to be little point in the use of a single 52W tec with the newer CPU's ( ie over 600mhz ), but would not recomend going anything higher then a 72W.
If you do try it, let us know your results