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Rainbow Six

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Hello. Is there a reason flood control is on 1 minute as opposed to say, 15 seconds? When I am here I open multiple windows and when I reply I often have to hit "back" and wait until the time is up to submit multiple posts. Just wondering.


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yeah I would like the flood control to be more like 15 seconds too. I only need 1 window with cable but I can read and post in some threads un under a minutes like Rainbow does.

IS this possible???


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Speaking as an Administrator of another UBB message board (link in sig), I can tell you that the required delay time can be adjusted. It is set in seconds, and the default setting is 60. If the admins of this site choose to, they can do so by going to the UBB Control Panel (they know what I mean), opening the General Settings section, and going all the way down to the bottom where this setting is.

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Set to 20 seconds....

Michael Jarmark