flickering mouse cursor



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I have an annoying problem with my gateway machine which occurs reproducibly only after surfing the net for awhile. The mouse cursor will flicker rapidly between the hourglass "wait" symbol and the arrow pointer.The computer still works fine, but it seems as though some type of volatile memory in my system is "filled up". Rebooting or powerdowm/power up works every time, but the problem is sure to return if I stay on the internet long enough. My system: g2k486,upgraded to P83 overdrive; 40 RAM(70ns SIMMS); WD 3.2 gigHD with tons of unused space; microsoft PS/2 mouse, Boca 33.6 modem; windows95; AOL 4.0.
I have just increased the L2 cache on the MB from 128k to 256k, but that did not help. Any ideas on what to try next ( aside from replacing the whole works!)
thanks, jeff.