Flashing triangles (textures) on GeForce DDR and Athlon-System



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In games like Drakan, the demo of Battle Zone II or even NVidias tree demo
my Elsa Erazor x2 DDR displays flashing textures. The texture itself is ok,
but the brightness of the texture changes randomly. It looks as if the
goroud shading wouldnt work, allthough most of the textures look allright.

How can I check wether my AGP-Bus voltage on my motherboard is allright?
What else could be the problem?

I tried all drivers from Elsa, Nvidia, Gigabyte and AMD. All on a fresh
formatted drive c with win 98 installed and nothing else. Same problem.

My System:

Board name: ELSA ERAZOR X²
Memory: 32 MB DDR-RAM
Driver version: Elsa or Detonator 3.69
Bios version: 7.02.00
Chip type: nVIDIA GeForce 256 Rev. A
DAC type: Internal

CPU: AMD Athlon 500 MHz

Bios: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG Date = 10/01/99

Mainboard information
Bios Type: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Bios Date: 10/01/99
Bios ID: 6A6S2G0A
Chipset: AMD 751 rev 35
Flash-Update: F1 von Gigabyte
Total physical memory: 128 MB
300 Watts-power-supply

PCI Devices:
- System: PCI-Standard-Host CPU-Brücke
- System: PCI-Standard-PCI/PCI-Brücke
- Display: ELSA ERAZOR X²
- System: IRQ-Holder für PCI-Steuerung
- System: IRQ-Holder für PCI-Steuerung
- SCSIAdapter: Initio INI-9XXXU/UW oder inic-950 PCI SCSI Controller
- System: AMD-756 PCI-zu-ISA Brücke
- hdc: AMD-756 EIDE-Controller V1.24
- System: AMD-756 Power-Management-Controller
- USB: AMD-756 USB Open-Host-Controller

Operating system: Windows 98, Version 4.10

DirectX 7.0a
DirectDraw version:
Direct3D version:
DirectInput version:
DirectSound version:
DirectPlay version: