Flashing CD-Rom light



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This may sound like a lame question but I have noticed that the busy light on my CD-Rom flashes every few seconds whether there is a CD in it or not. I believe that Win 95 is supposed to check it every now and then but this seems too much.

The reason I ask is that my system has been freezing (I have posted the problem before) and when it does the HD light comes on for the whole time of the freeze. A friend had mentioned that my problem may be the CD-Rom or with the IDE interface and that the freeze may be due to the sytem trying two things at once.
Everything checks out with diagnostic software (BCM,Sandra)and there does not seem to be a problem with reading CD-Roms.

Has anyone encountered this flashing light syndrome and could it be the source of my freeze?


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I would go ahead and remove the cd-rom and
it's drivers from the system folder inside
of control panel and re-boot, then re-
install the drivers and let it auto-detect
the drive when you re-boot again.

By the way, what kind of drive is it?


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I am using a Sanyo CRD-254P 4x CD-ROM. It is ATAPI/IDE.

By the way, the only Drives I am using for it are those that Win95 loads up after recognizing the CD-ROM. Should I be using something else?

Thanks for the help by the way.



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Do you have Auto Insert Notification turned on or off? If it's on, and you want to disable the flashing light on the CD-ROM, go to Control Panel / System / Device Mgr. / CD-ROM. Click on the + sign to the left of CD-ROM, then click on your drive, go to Properties / Settings and disable Auto Insert Notification.

Now, if having a CD auto-run upon insertion is important, then you'll have to weigh the merits of auto run vs. flashing lights.


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In regards to the system freeze with hd light on steady...

I had a dual 300mhz server at work do the exact same thing. The server was running NT (this is kind of irrelevant in this case) but when the system froze it would completely freeze. There would be know NT blue screen of death (dump) or anything..the system just locked solid...no message or anything... it even froze during a backup and when I checked the backup log the last line was only half written (serious freeze). But we checked the cpu temps and all thos standard sort of things and only when we replaced the cpus did the problem go away for good. Seems one of the cpus was bad and can apparently cause this sort of problem. I think the cd-rom thingie is merely a coincidance.

Thank you.