Firefox 17.0 released



Fixed in Firefox 17

  • MFSA 2012-106 Use-after-free, buffer overflow, and memory corruption issues found using Address Sanitizer
  • MFSA 2012-105 Use-after-free and buffer overflow issues found using Address Sanitizer
  • MFSA 2012-104 CSS and HTML injection through Style Inspector
  • MFSA 2012-103 Frames can shadow top.location
  • MFSA 2012-102 Script entered into Developer Toolbar runs with chrome privileges
  • MFSA 2012-101 Improper character decoding in HZ-GB-2312 charset
  • MFSA 2012-100 Improper security filtering for cross-origin wrappers
  • MFSA 2012-99 XrayWrappers exposes chrome-only properties when not in chrome compartment
  • MFSA 2012-98 Firefox installer DLL hijacking
  • MFSA 2012-97 XMLHttpRequest inherits incorrect principal within sandbox
  • MFSA 2012-96 Memory corruption in str_unescape
  • MFSA 2012-95 Javascript: URLs run in privileged context on New Tab page
  • MFSA 2012-94 Crash when combining SVG text on path with CSS
  • MFSA 2012-93 evalInSanbox location context incorrectly applied
  • MFSA 2012-92 Buffer overflow while rendering GIF images
  • MFSA 2012-91 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:17.0/ rv:10.0.11)

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It broke Tab Mix Plus on one of my computers, which means FF on my others won't be updated until TMP is updated. And I just checked and TMP will not be updated until Jan 13, 2013.
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