Finally switched to Verizon, new phone as well



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she's a beauty. im loving to dual lcd's and the keyboard. I origonally was weary of this phone because of its size, or so i thought. its smaller then it seems on picture or people review about. it fits in my hand great, actualy better then the motorola e815 felt.

havent tried the mp3's yet, i dont have a mini sd card. time to go to ebay and stock up on a bunch of addons:D also, it takes pretty decent pictures at 1280x960. ill post some when i get a data cable

edit: im posting on the phone now:) pretty cool although basically brutal to use. Typing aint bad though;)

it said 5 bucks a month when i signed up, does anyone know if thats unlimited use or is it for so many minutes or so many megabytes?
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