FIC VA503+ with AMD K6-2 300?



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ANyone have any sage like advice to share in regards to configuring this setup which might save me time and headaches in the long run? Any info is appreciated as I've heard that the FIC support is pretty sluggish in regards to getting back to you. What do people think of this board? I picked it up online for about $85.



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I have the same motherboard with 1MB L2 cache and K6-2 300 with a Intel 740 AGP VGA.

I've been using this system for about 1 month now. It's quite allright in fact. Shoudn't be any problem to set up the jumpers correctly since everything is explained in the motherboard manual with pictures of the location of the jumpers.

I recommend you to use PC-100 SD RAM. I use 96 MB myself.
I have also overclocked my K6-2 from 300 to 350 MHz without any crash or instability. I also set all the settings in the BIOS to maximum performance. The manual also explains every setting in BIOS in detail. I haven't had any problem with it so far.

I'd recommend you to use Win98 if you plan to use AGP. Also, you should check out the VIA's website and download drivers for the MB. There should be 1 driver for AGP and 1 driver for PCI. Certain PCI devices might not work unless you install the PCI supplement. The VIA busmaster drivers should also be installed, but is unneccesary if you plan to use Win98.