Fasttrack RAID, Hushkit from Silent Systems



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I'm considering a new system that should be *quiet* and fast; anyone out there who has experience of Fasttrack RAID from Promise and/or Hushkit from Silent systems?



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I have looked at the FastTrack and it looks like a very good product. I am actually buying a new computer in December and wanted to get one (SCSI is just too damn expensive). However it doesn't have any Linux drivers, which is a bit of a shocker since I want a dual-boot system. If you want quiet speed, go for a FastTrack with two 5,400RPM Quantum drives. I've never heard of the Hushkit, but if you have a URL I'd like to check it out. 5,400RPM drives are fairly quiet, just throw a blanket over your computer (whoops - don't, you'll probably fry the CPU if you leave the computer on long enough... hehehehe)