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I'm looking for a new set of fans for my Athlon CPU, as the fans I have now (that came with the heatsink) are noisy as all heck. I've tried replacing them with some older and quieter fans from Socket 7 heatsinks I had available, but the computer would then mysteriously reboot itself while playing some games, leading me to suspect overheating had occured. (Actually is this a correct assumption -- would the K7 fans really spin faster/dissipate more heat than the quieter Socket 7 fans I tried?) Thank you.

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hell yes..
the old crappy fans you put on would do nothing on a K7, just leave them on and put your case covers back on


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K7 fans run at 6000 rpm and above, so they tend to be noisey. If you find some that work and are quiet, I want them also.