Failing to connect to the Internet via dial-up on XP



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Hie guys I am back again with yet another query, this time to do with my dial-up internet connection from my Windows XP platform and as usual any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Here is a bit of background on the issue:
I have a dual boot setting on my Toshiba A215 Notebook, i.e. XP and Vista. I used to be able to dial up and connect to the internet from either platform when I originally set up the network connections. This was via a fixed telephone line (landline). My Notebook has a built-in Toshiba software modem. I later set up yet another connection whereby I would use my Nokia cellphone as an external modem to dial-in to my ISP's server and access the web. Again I was successful on both platforms albeit for a short while. By the way I am using Nokia PC suite for the cellular dial-up connection - not that that should make any diferrence I dont think.
Now my problem is after some time, and I cant even determine the sequence of preceding events, my dial-up connections on the XP side just would not work/connect anymore. Whenever I tried to initiate the connection (landline or cellular) it would not go beyond the point where it says "opening port....." but just hang there forever until I manually force-cancel the connection. On the the Vista side I have no such problem, the dial-up connection works beautifully.
By the way I also occassionally use LAN/WAN or wireless connection to access the web (whenever available) which works fine on both platforms.

Things I have already tried to no avail:
I have deleted and set-up afresh all the relevant dial-up connections.
I have uninstalled and re-installed my Nokia PC Suite.
I have temporarily disabled my Firewall (not recommended) - turned it off.

What therefore could be wrong here? Is it anything to do with ports?? If so what do I need to do to get the ports working?

Help please!!