F.E.A.R. tweaking help please



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A buddy of mine loaned me his copy of FEAR, and I've been trying to find some ideal settings for my hardware, but it's been a bit of a struggle. Hardware is as follows:

A64 2800+ (S754) @ 2.2ghz
1.5gb RAM (155mhz due to OC and 1GB being PC2700)
AIW X800XL 256mb
Realtek onboard sound

Any idea what res the above can do? I'm currently at 800x600, but it gets choppy at times. Also, what settings impact the game the most? I'd like to increase the res at the sake of detail, but I'm not sure where I should scrimp the most. Think the onboard sound is hurting me pretty bad?

Thanks! :)


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The game should auto detect to start with.

Then go into Effects and lower them down some.

Graphics the same way.

Then test the settings.


Your specs are pretty similar to mine, I usually run stuff fairly happily in 1280 x 1024 but with no AA/AF. I haven't got FEAR though, so I don't know how that would run on my system. I would certainly start by disabling AA/AF if you're using them.

Shadow detail is normally a killer too, so turn that down a notch or two to see if it helps.

If you have a few pennies spare I'd definitely try and pick up an Audigy card off Ebay too, that onboard sound must be stealing a few CPU cycles along the way. :)


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This may be of interest. :)

FEAR Hardware game guide

Expect F.E.A.R. to expose every single performance bottleneck in your system. We've divided our guide into four sections: video card, game settings, CPU, and memory. In each section, we return scores for a wide variety of hardware and mix in a dose of our own in-game experience to explain how our hardware changes affected gameplay.