EZCAM USB soooo slow????



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Why is this thing running so slow. I have it set for 30 frames /sec and it might take a pic every 5-15 sec....It is not smooth video?
Anyone know what to do?

AMD 350
96 MB ram
Intel 740 8MB video card AGP


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hi there,

I have the same camera, and haven't had any problems of it being slow. Maybe you need to set it to be a lower resolution or a lower picture quality. I have noticed that you can switch the settings so that they are in conflict (ie. highest picture quality, largest frame size, and fastest frame rate can all be selected at once.) It is kind of odd, though, because I have a system that is quite similar to yours (Win98, cel 333, 96MB RAM, Asus p2b-f, and creative 16MB banshee.) I don't think the camera is very high quality, I have had other problems with it, so I would not recommend it. Maybe it is a driver problem. I know something is wrong with them, because I have to reload them from the CD everytime I reboot, or the camera won't work. Also, were you able to get a $20 rebate for yours?